Media4Democracy.EU is a technical assistance programme dedicated to assisting EU Delegations in the implementation of the EU Guidelines on Freedom of Expression Online and Offline.

The aim is to enhance the capacity of EU Delegations (EUDs) to work on Freedom of Expression (FoE) creatively within the available frameworks, and to build on best practices.


Types of assistance              

Upon receipt of a request from the EUDs, Media4Democracy.EU will:

  • Help EUDs to operationalise their priorities related to FoE.
  • Develop advocacy strategies and materials.
  • Organise capacity building activities for media actors, including via Peer-to-Peer and Fellowships schemes.

Media4Democracy.EU will also:

  • Organise a series of training sessions for Delegation staff at regional level and in Brussels. The first one is planned for November 2017.
  • Produce Advocacy toolkits, e.g. ideas and tools to promote Freedom of Expression in connection with international events such as the World Press Freedom Day (May 3rd), Right to Information Day (Sept 28th) and International Day against Impunity (Nov 2nd).
  • Provide background material and resources via the website and a newsletter.


Thematic focus

Media4Democracy.EU can address all topics covered by the EU guidelines on Freedom of Expression. The TA focuses in particular on:

  • Access to Information: media and accountability, Investigative Journalism, Open Data, Legal frameworks
  • Online media and ICTs : Internet governance, digital security, data protection
  • Changing media landscapes: Media literacy, sustainable business models, fake news, human rights promotion, etc.
  • Media service to the public: Women in media, media ethics, inclusiveness, public interest journalism, etc.


Geographic Focus

All EU Delegations can benefit from Media4Democracy.EU. Priority will, however, be given to countries where Freedom of Expression issues have been identified in the Pilot Exercise on Democracy Support and Human Rights and Democracy Country Strategies, and countries where EOM have identified recommendations relating to media.

Top expertise available

Media4democracy.EU is managed by a core team based in Brussels. They are backed by a group of some of the most important European organisations in the field of Freedom of Expression and Access to Information: Article19, Deutsche Welle Akademie, European Partnership for Democracy, Free Press Unlimited and the Thomson Foundation. Particip is the consortium lead company and is responsible for the overall administration and programme implementation.


Coordination with other programmes

Media4Democracy.EU works in complementarity with:

  • The EU ‘Pilot Exercise on Democracy Support’, which has been developed to pilot the implementation of the EU Agenda for Action on Democracy Support.
  • The Technical Assistance contract Supporting Democracy which focuses on citizens’ organisations role in democracy support.
  •, which provides protection and emergency support to individual professional and non-professional journalists.
  • The EIDHR Emergency Fund
  • Other ongoing or planned projects and programmes in support of media such as media actions funded under the EIDHR Country-Based Support Scheme and other activities funded by the EU or bilaterally by Member States.


Requesting support

For more information or to file a request for assistance simply send an email to